After 30 years as an owner, partner, and manager of food service brokerage businesses, I have formed Northbeach Incorporated to service the gourmet and specialty establishments in the Virginia market. Fully understanding the functions of a broker and manufacturers representative, I am planning to partner with select manufacturers and individual companies to assist in sales, marketing, and profitable growth through professional market coverage. Virginia is a wonderful state, open for the opportunity to help companies expand their opportunities in the specialty and gourmet business, with benefits to all from additional coverage from an experienced sales professional that has lived and worked in the state of Virginia for over 30 years.


About John Pharr

I believe in the professional representation of select and quality manufacturers, performing education, training, assistance, and support to the individual companies buying products from these sources. Timely communication and follow through are keys to working with manufacturers around the world in the assistance of shipping merchandise, assisting in order placement, and reviewing all promotions, leverage opportunities, and the evaluation of new items and products. Each individual company should have a “ go to market “ strategy with timelines, due dates, and reviews, allowing for progress evaluations and any suggested changes or additions to a successful plan and strategy.


About You

Finally, I believe I can represent a limited number of lines professionally in the Virginia and surrounding marketing area for less than you could with a direct sales person or direct coverage. With strong support from many friends in this segment, it is my plan to build a successful entity which fully covers your needs and exceeds your expectations as a professional representative for your company. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your company and see if we have mutual goals and market needs we can build together in building a long-term relationship. I am happy to take the time to meet with you, or your designated personnel, to meet and have an open discussion on your plans, your needs, and your goals, and then offer my thoughts as to how those things can be achieved and how we all interact together to make it happen.

Thanks for your time and I hope to explore the possibilities of a successful partnership together.